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Applications Center

Instantly See Panasonic Components At Work In Real Design Applications!

The Panasonic Application Center provides interactive block diagrams featuring Panasonic components and devices in real design applications including easy-to-acess detailed specifications and product information.  Use the Panasonic Application Center as a starting point for the creation of new, industry-leading designs.

To get started, select a category from the left and find the appropriate application.  Click on a component for more information and resources.

Solution Modules

Solution Modules are commonly seen across multiple applications to complete a particular function or feature.

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AC Servo Motor

DC Brushless Motor

DC Brushed Motor


Smart Thermal Sensors

AC/DC Switching Power Supply



HMI Module

LCD Panel

Health Care

The Healthcare market is constantly evolving and is one of the highest growth industries in the entire world. Panasonic offers many solutions in this space for applications from medical devices to every day hygiene care.

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Blood Glucose Meter

Massage Chair

Portable ECG Monitor


Capsule Endoscope

Electric Shaver

Electric Toothbrush

Medical Lab Incubator

Medical Surgical Camera

Activity Tracker

Body Composition Scale

Hearing Aid

Pulse Oximeter

Running Watch

Sleep Monitor


AV / Computing

When it comes to the inner workings of AV/Computing devices, designing-in the proper electronic components has never been so important. Each component plays a major role in the usability and aesthetics of the device. Many of the trends in this space point towards devices getting smaller, more durable and consuming less power.

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Wearable Device

Solid State Drive




Laptop PC

Audio System/Stereo System

Broadcasting Camera

Hard Drive

Optical Transceivers

Portable PA System

Wireless Speakers

Set Top Box

Home Appliances

The home appliance market is forecasted to grow substantially in the coming years. Applications within this market are becoming smarter with trends pointing towards automation and energy conservation. Panasonic offers a variety of solutions to accommodate these trends.

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Smart Meter

LED Lighting (Ceiling Light)

Home Energy Management Systems

Energy Storage System


Air Conditioner

Solar Inverter System

Microwave Ovens

Washing Machine


Vacuum Cleaner

Home Sensor System

Fire Alarm System With Voice Capability

Wall Switch

Automatic Coffee Maker


LED Lighting (DC Drive)

LED Lighting (Lamp)


Panasonic offers a variety of solutions for different Industrial applications. Component reliability plays a critical role in industrial applications and Panasonic is proud to offer components with world class quality that meet industry standards.   

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3D Printer

Programmable Logic Controller

Casino Gaming Machines

Electric Tools

Power Conditioning

Interactive Kiosks

Multi Function Printer

Electric Bicycle

Digital Oscilloscopes

Industrial LED Lighting

Portable Data Terminal

Welding Machine

AC Induction Motor

Inverter Generator

Smart Society

Society is progressively moving towards a socio-technical ecosystem where people and machines work closely together to build a smarter society. Panasonic offers a variety of solutions for different types of application used in this movement. These solutions can create new benefits for multiple applications such as safety, automation and eco-friendliness.

Digital Signage

Surveillance Camera


Gas Meter

Water Meter

Automatic Ticket Gate

Small Cell Base Station

Data Server

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Gas Mass Flow Controller

Automatic Door

Electronic Door Lock

Room Access Control System

Traffic Signal


The automotive market is one of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue. Key goals when designing for automotive include reliability, comfort, safety and environment-friendly products. Panasonic’s industry leading automotive solutions meet the strict standards required by suppliers in this space.

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EV Charger

HUD Cluster

Body Control Modules

Automotive Digital Tachograph

Power Window Module

Automotive AV System

Electric Motorcycle

Automotive Air Conditioning System

Rear View Monitor

Automotive LED Light

Vehicle Tracking

Automotive Smart Sensor Systems

On-Board GPS Monitor