• September 06, 2012
    Motion control follows conventional algorithms that take each transitional point as a tuple in the Cartesian space. Basically, each motion point is handled as X and Y coordinates; a hardware example could be an X-Y table. While this approach is simple and easy to implement, it can become redundant by adding too many repetitions in the controller’s (e.g. PLC) code.
  • August 28, 2012
    Passive infrared sensors (PIR) have been around for years and work well when it comes to occupancy or object detection. They can also sense people or objects in motion, which makes them useful in building automation and security systems. These simple PIR Sensors, however, have limitations that keep them out of more advanced detection applications.
  • August 13, 2012
    Panasonic Connectors Medical Electronics Like many types of electronics, medical diagnostic devices are appearing in ever-smaller form factors and increasingly relying on wireless communications. From sophisticated instruments for the medical community, to personal health monitors for consumers, these medical devices are becoming a lot more like our phones.
  • August 06, 2012
    Using PhotoMOS Relays For More Than Test And Measurement PhotoMOS Relays are not only for test and measurement applications. These solid state Relays can also switch and protect small motors, power supplies, and control devices with load currents up to 6 amps. To do this, PhotoMOS Relays combine high switching speed with low control current and reliable overcurrent protection. 
  • June 15, 2012
    ADPW Pressure Sensor This video demonstrates Panasonic's new ADPW pressure sensor as a simple, direct mounted tank level sensor. For more videos, check out Panasonic's YouTube Channel.
  • June 13, 2012
    Relay Contact Gap One of the most important considerations for applications that require high surge voltage protection is relay contact gap.  This is because the greater the distance between contact terminals, the higher surge voltage the Relay can withstand. Therefore, a safe contact gap distance provides protection from short-circuit conditions that could damage your product.
  • May 16, 2012
    Avoiding Measurement Errors   It is always disheartening to find out after hours of data logging and subsequent statistical analysis, that your measurements are not good enough. For example, an average temperature for a PID set point may have an error that causes an oven to melt numerous parts in a batch. How can these types of errors be avoided? This is where the critically acclaimed standard deviation comes into consideration.
  • May 08, 2012
    Remotely Updating Programs Panasonic can help companies easily make updates to a PLC program for remotely located end users. In the case of program improvements or fixes, it’s important not to give the ability to view or modify their proprietary programming logic. There are a few ways to do this, such as using a GT Series HMI SD Card slot, or FPLoader.