4 Beneficial Types Of Panasonic Relay Constructions

March 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Relay Construction

The broad range of applications and environments in which Relays are used calls for different types of construction to protect their internal components. Panasonic's electromechanical Relays have a few different types of protective construction so that they can be used in a wide variety of applications.

For example, excess heat is generated in applications where the Relay coil is constantly energized and de-energized, that heat is dissipated through the coil wires, and a small vent in the case of the Relay is used to release that heat and protect the coil wires, or any of the other internal components from melting. This method is used in our flux resistant, sealed and sealed capsule models.

4 Types Of Construction For Panasonic Relays

Dust Cover

Dust Cover Construction - Panasonic RelaysThis is the most basic construction where the case and base (or body) are fitted together, protecting the Relay from dust. Hand soldering is recommended because this type of construction does not prevent flux and cleaning fluid from entering the case during automatic soldering.


Flux Resistant

Flux Resistant Construction - Panasonic RelaysWith this type of construction, the terminal pins and the base of the Relay are molded together into one piece. This design prevents flux from entering the case during automatic soldering. However, automatic cleaning is not recommended.



Sealed Type - Panasonic RelaysThis is the standard construction method for Panasonic's Relays. This construction is designed to prevent any seeping of flux when soldering, or cleaning fluid when cleaning, allowing automatic soldering and cleaning during production.  A gas purging process is done right before sealing so that any harmful substances are removed from the contact surface.


Sealed Capsule (EP Relays)

Sealed Capsule (EP &EV Relays) - Panasonic RelaysSealed capsule construction consists is hermetically sealed, has a ceramic and metal plating design where no harmful gases or humidity will ever reach the contacts.



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With a comprehensive range of construction configurations, Panasonic's Relays can be used in a broad range of applications and environments.

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