AC Servos Get Faster - And Smarter

January 28, 2015
By Anonymous

AC servo systems have long been the workhorses of industrial automation, but it’s time to start thinking of them as thoroughbreds. 

AC Servo Motor Drives - Panasonic Industrial Devices

Thanks to ongoing advances in control algorithms and processing power, the best AC servo drives can now exert degrees of control that would not have been possible even a year ago.

Not every AC servo drive, however, has what it takes to qualify as the best, making it difficult to bring about significant improvements in line speeds, positioning accuracy, vibration control and other important automation objectives.

In this white paper learn how modern AC servo motors and drives will help you:

  • Boost Frequency Response
  • Maximize Resolution
  • Provide Advanced Auto-Tuning
  • Reduce Cogging Torque and More!

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