Avalanche by Future Electronics

July 02, 2018
By Jennifer Vega

This New FPGA Development Kit Offers an "Avalanche" of Design Possibilities!

Future Electronics has taken an extremely proactive approach to the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) space by bringing together products from their best product lines, including Panasonic, to develop the Avalanche FPGA Development Kit.

You’ll have to visit the Future website to see the complete cast of characters designed onto the Avalanche board, but if you’re a developer who wants to quickly prototype for the lowest power mid-range FPGA platform in the market, the Avalanche Board is the place to start.

It’s amazing how many peripherals can be connected to the Avalanche Board dev kit including all kinds of Sensors, Drivers, Display, Wireless Modules, etc.


Available now from Future Electronics for a meager $179.95 USD, Avalanche features the Panasonic fully Embedded Wi-Fi PAN9320 Series RF Module with an integrated stack and API that minimizes firmware development and includes a full security suite. The PAN9320 Series adds value to this FPGA solution because it’s is a unique, standalone 2.4GHz Wi-Fi module, supporting the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards designed for applications where a small form factor and high throughput data rates are required.

Future makes using the Avalanche kit simple by providing an 86-page datasheet and schematic. If you’re an FPGA developer, check out Avalanche today!