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  • Maxim's Grid-EYE reference design
    March 17, 2017
    Today’s presence-sensing technologies enable everything from movable holiday displays to robust security systems. More specifically, Infrared (IR) Array Sensors allow systems to detect an individual’s presence and their direction of movement, including motionless. This technology can be useful in applications in areas like medical imaging, retail, building automation and security.
  • Robotic Solutions
    March 06, 2017
    It’s no secret that the global Robotics market is growing substantially. A continual compound annual growth rate of 10% is expected until at least 2023. With an industry attracting so much interest and investment, there are particular challenges on how to drive innovation and enable these machines to operate more efficiently and safely. The capabilities of industrial and service Robots have increased with time, prompting manufacturers to discover new ways in which to upgrade their machines with the latest technology.
  • mass robotics
    November 18, 2016
    Panasonic has partnered with MassRobotics, an independent organization serving as a hub and accelerator program for Robotic start-up companies, located in Boston, MA. MassRobotics brings together innovative start-up companies and leading technology organizations, like Panasonic, to help nurture the next evolution of Robotics and also promote new talent, economic growth and innovation. For a full list of Partner companies, please visit
  • Pressure Sensors
    October 26, 2015
    In today's white goods and appliance markets, the need to precisely measure air and liquid pressure is growing. And as MEMS technology advances, small and accurate pressure sensors are allowing engineers to do more with less. 
  • VR Headset
    July 08, 2015
    With the exponential growth in the wearables market, manufacturers of electronic components are designing smaller, more powerful products such as accurate sensors and high-resolution digital displays that are kick-starting the future of virtual reality.
  • Using the Grid-EYE Sensor in Building Management Systems - Panasonic Industrial Devices
    March 10, 2015
    The Grid-EYE
  • October 09, 2013
    Sensing Movement  Many of the automation systems that increasingly appear in daily life have a fundamental need to sense the presence and movement of human beings. Whether that system simply shuts off the lights to save energy at home, or triggers an emergency response in a health care facility, accurate motion sensing is a crucial requirement.
  • September 27, 2012
    Grid-EYE Infrared Array Sensor  In this video, we'll discuss how the detected heat signature on a human subject varies depending on the distance for the Grid-EYE Infrared Array Sensor.