Categories: Sensors

  • November 11, 2011
    DP-100 Series, Copy Function This video shows a demonstration of the DP-100 Series Pressure Sensor's copy function for quickly transferring configuration data between sensors. Check out Panasonic's YouTube Channel for more information and product demonstrations.
  • October 25, 2011
    Sensing Ranges Why do Sensing Ranges vary depending on their make-up when using Diffusing Sensing? A diffuse/reflective sensor shines its light onto a sensing object and detects the object by how strong the light (intensity) is reflected back.                                                          
  • September 27, 2011
    Photoelectric Sensors The most common technical question regarding Photoelectric Sensors is how to reduce interference between them. In order to find an answer, we must first grasp a better understanding of the question. When multiple Photoelectric Sensors are mounted in close proximity to one another, an unstable operation can result from “cross talk,” or influence from other photoelectric sensors. This result is known as mutual interference and is most common in thru-beam Photoelectric Sensors.
  • July 09, 2011
    NaPiOn Motion Sensors And The M.I.T. Light Bridge Panasonic donated NaPiOn Infrared Motion/Proximity Sensors to the M.I.T Light Bridge Project. The M.I.T Project is a dynamic, interactive LED array that responds to pedestrians on the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge in Cambridge, MA. The 10,000 pixel display is activated by sensors (proximity sensors, cameras, buttons, microphones, mobile phones) that respond to the movement and activities of viewers in the area.