Categories: Industrial Automation

  • flash memory for factory automation
    September 07, 2018
    Panasonic offers a wide array of storage solutions for your factory automation designs.
  • Panasonic datasheets at your fingertips
    February 21, 2018
    View, Bookmark and Share with the NEW Panasonic INDustrial App!Panasonic component and device specifications made easy, accessible, and shareable right from your mobile device!This App is available for both iOS and Android devices via the Apple and Google Play App stores. It allows users to search by part number or with as little as a 5-digit Series name. Here is everything there is to know to navigate the App successfully.
  • Robotic Solutions
    March 06, 2017
    It’s no secret that the global Robotics market is growing substantially. A continual compound annual growth rate of 10% is expected until at least 2023. With an industry attracting so much interest and investment, there are particular challenges on how to drive innovation and enable these machines to operate more efficiently and safely. The capabilities of industrial and service Robots have increased with time, prompting manufacturers to discover new ways in which to upgrade their machines with the latest technology.
  • ultra-minute EX-Z series of photoelectric sensors
    December 21, 2016
    EX-Z Series Ultra-Minute Photoelectric Sensor is the world’s most compact Photoelectric Sensor with a built-in amplifier, approximately 50% smaller in volume than the EX-10 Series. Watch the video to learn about the EX-Z Series, or click here for more information.
  • AC Servo Motors Get Faster - And Smarter - Panasonic Industrial Automation
    January 28, 2015
    AC servo systems have long been the workhorses of industrial automation, but it’s time to start thinking of them as thoroughbreds. 
  • February 08, 2013
    Is your GT series HMI in a public area or used by multiple site personnel? While leaving HMI programs open to your entire staff is the easiest route to take, it is also the most dangerous.
  • December 20, 2012
    A new tool available with the GT series HMI panel eliminates the need for PLC software and allows users to manage and monitor PLCs like never before.
  • November 19, 2012
    Don't lose your PLC program by using a Comment enabled Panasonic PLC with FPWIPRO