Connecting a Panasonic FPX PLC to a PC Using General Purpose Protocol

February 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Connecting a Panasonic FPX PLC to a PC

This application shows how to connect a Panasonic FPX PLC with a personal computer, using Ethernet and TCP/IP internet protocol. The PLC will be sending a string (set of characters) to the PC. Here, we find the PLC communication configuration and program, and basic set up of Windows HyperTerminal.

Configuration COM5 The PLC uses a communication cassette AFPX-COM5, this device is set up using a Panasonic program called Configurator WD.

Figure 1: Shows PLC_1, the tag for a FPX-COM5 cassette, set as server. Its current configuration is: PC Client/Server –HYPERTERMINAL WINSOCK-

PLC program – MASTER or Client side. The PLC program includes conversion from INTEGER data type to STRING data type. Also, you can see how to set up F159. This function is used to send the string from one of the PLC communication ports. This program will send to HyperTerminal a specific value from the PLC memory.

Above, you can see how the program converts a variable from integer data type to string data type. As a string, the value is linked with other strings constants. This resulting string is saved in a INT ARRAY that works as a buffer. This buffer will be address by a serial communication instruction, and later it will be broadcasted over Ethernet.

You may notice how the special ASCII characters ASCII are implemented {ASCII: $20 –> SPACE}.  It is easy to follow how with the INT ARAY -TxBuffer- populated, the program use it as a transmission table.

The sample program running: This program will send a specific value from the PLC memoryto HyperTerminal. The main idea is to take the value from the PLC memory and convert this value into a string. As a string the value is linked with a message (ResoValue), this new string is placed in a INT ARRAY.

Please review this conversion. Remember that the program looks for specific PLC addresses. From there, it takes the value. And this value is MOVE using a BLOCK MOVE into the INT ARRAY. In this program we CONCAT two variables in a string (Value and Value2) PC Server/Client: The figure above shows how the user will receive that string in its PC, using window HyperTerminal.

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