Don't Lose Your PLC Program

November 19, 2012
By Anonymous
Panasonic PLC Don't lose your PLC program by using a Comment enabled Panasonic PLC with FPWIPRO


Have you or your team ever lost, or, been unable to obtain an original copy of a PLC program? With no means to contact the original programmer?  This situation can be not only be costly and time consuming, but more importantly, it forces you to perform a program upload that will most likely generate unwelcome machine-to-ladder code conversion errors. With FPWINPRO, and a comment memory supported PLC this is no longer a problem.  An FPWINPRO tool, not often found in other software, allows you to save the entire project into the PLC, and that Project can be extracted at a later date.  This means that years later, a new programmer can extract a line for line copy of the original FPWINPRO project. This includes the original comments for variables, ladder comments, and variable names.  This tool is only available in FPWINPRO, not FPWINGR software. The tool mentioned above is not the typically used “Upload program code and PLC configuration” process used daily.  That tool is very different.  If the original programmer doesn’t specifically use the “SAVE PROJECT INTO PLC” process then only the machine code is downloaded into the PLC which lacks comment data, variable name data and original ladder structure.  If only the machine code is downloaded, the software compiler can try to interpret the machine code into a Ladder Diagram for you, however, this process isn’t always 100% successful. Complicated, and heavily nested programs may cause “impossible to draw” networks. This will also add considerable time for a new programmer who will have to interpret the converted ladder program. I would always recommend using the "Save project to PLC" feature on your PLC.

PLC Comment Data?
FPe No
FP0R Yes
FP2 Yes*
FP0 No

*Optional hardware needed

The table shows which Panasonic PLC's have the ability to "Save Project to PLC". If your PLC supports comment data then you can save your project on the PLC.  Please review the PLC’s user manual for more detail. To perform the "Save Project to PLC" you must be online with the PLC. Go to the Project menu/Save as/Project on PLC… For help with storing your PLC Program using FPWINPRO on a Panasonic PLC, contact Nehemiah Jandroep.