Power Inductors Minimize The Effect of Noise

July 11, 2016
By Krushnang Joshi

Panasonic now has available the new ELL-8TP Series of Wire Wound Type Power Inductors. The ELL-8TP Series is a revolutionary product with its impressive small case size of 8 x 8mm. These small-sized power inductors have a magnetic shielded Ferrite core to minimize the effect of noise by delivering more power to the load. 


A selection of nineteen part numbers is available with power values ranging from 0.8 to 1000µH (9A to 250mA). In addition, the ELL-8TP Series’ parts are strictly RoHS/REACH Compliant. The ELL-8TP datasheet lists all new product information.

ELL-8TP Series parts are mainly used in applications such as Gaming, DC/DC Converter and Set Top Box. They are also designed into devices for Consumer Electronics, Amusement and A/V industries.

The new ELL-8TP Series can be designed into a wide variety of applications and are environmentally friendly.

Learn more about the ELL-8TP Series.