• Panasonic SD cards
    June 03, 2016
    Panasonic makes high quality SD Cards for demanding industrial and commercial applications. They are durable, safe, affordable, and it offers reliable storage memory alternatives. Panasonic SD cards have 4 notable advantages:
  • blog-header-relays-plc.jpg
    May 27, 2016
    Automation is playing a key role in manufacturing industries to help reduce production costs, increase efficiency in production, improve product quality, etc. New methods of system integration are being adopted worldwide that enable manufacturers to efficiently manage their day-to-day activities effortlessly. However, the integration of these numerous and diverse technologies requires a high degree of interconnectivity that significantly complicates the design.
  • Smart Grid
    February 03, 2016
    America’s electrical distribution grid has been in service for over 100 years. While a grid of this size is a technological marvel, it’s aging fast.  According to the Department of Energy, 70% of the grid’s transmission lines and power transformers are over 25 years old. And the average age of America’s power plants is over 30 years old. All the while, our power demands continue to grow. 
  • February 02, 2016
  • PhotoMOS CC
    January 22, 2016
    Low power consumption and long lifetime are two main tenets of modern electronic design. To perpetuate development, design engineers continuously search for new technologies that both add functionality and improve reliability.
  • Panasonic Relays in EV charging stations
    January 14, 2016
    The global adoption of electric vehicles underlines the need for quality relays and components to ensure a robust electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) infrastructure. According to the International Energy Agency, the number of electric vehicles worldwide in 2020 is projected to grow to 20 million. As the market expands, the demand for more electric vehicle charging stations is becoming increasingly necessary.
  • Pressure Sensors
    October 26, 2015
    In today's white goods and appliance markets, the need to precisely measure air and liquid pressure is growing. And as MEMS technology advances, small and accurate pressure sensors are allowing engineers to do more with less. 
  • VR Headset
    July 08, 2015
    With the exponential growth in the wearables market, manufacturers of electronic components are designing smaller, more powerful products such as accurate sensors and high-resolution digital displays that are kick-starting the future of virtual reality.