High Capacity Power Relays For Solar Applications

March 14, 2013
By Anonymous

HE-V Relays 

As solar farms and energy storage systems grow in scale, they increasingly require power Relays that can safely cut off high DC voltages. That’s where Panasonic's new HE-V Relay comes in. Designed specifically for alternative energy applications, this new 2 Form A power Relay provides oustanding capacity, reduced energy requirements, and can be used for a variety of appliactions.

Outstanding Capacity

High-Capacity DC Cutoff Relay

A nominal voltage of 800 VDC and maximum switching capacity of 1000 VDC, 20 A has been achieved at each of the HE-V Relay’s 1 Form A contacts. These contacts are connected in series to allow the simultaneous cutoff of DC positive and negative terminals.

Reduced Energy Requirements

HE-V Relays contribute to energy saving in devices, thanks to a coil hold voltage that is just 33% of the nominal coil voltage. Nominal operating power is also low at 210mW.                                                                                    

HE-V Applications

The HE-V Relay can be used in a variety of DC power applications, including photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, inverter control, and DC load control.

  • In solar applications, one or more HE-V Relays can disconnect individual solar panels or strings of panels. Reasons for cutting of panels include maintenance, emergency response, and bypassing panels with efficiency problems.
  • In energy storage applications, HE-V Relays can protect against high inrush currents during the charging of Capacitors or storage batteries.

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