How To Make Servo Motor Sizing Easy

March 06, 2012
By Anonymous

Servo Sizing 

Shifting from manual calculation to software simulation for servo selection may seem like overkill for those that have experience. However, selecting the correct servo is often approximated according to the current motor that's on the system, or with the aid of the manufacturers.

Panasonic motor selection tool software makes it easy to select the correct servo with confidence. Download Panasonic's servo sizing tool here

Example: Ball Screw Mechanism

  • Work piece weight WA = 10 [kg]
  • Ball screw length BL = 0.5 [m]
  • Ball screw diameter BD = 0.02 [m]
  • Ball screw lead (pitch) BP = 0.02 [m]
  • Ball screw efficiency B = 0.9
  • Travel distance 0.3 [m]
  • Coupling inertia Jc = 10 x 10-6 [kg /m2]

Running Pattern

  • Acceleration time ta = 0.1 [s]
  • Constant-velocity time tb = 0.8 [s]
  • Deceleration time td = 0.1 [s]
  • Cycle time tc = 2 [s]
  • Travel distance 0.3 [m]

Results of Example: The software tool shows the A4 MSMD series 200W motor to be the smallest motor that will work for this application. Try this simple application.

1. Enter the system mechanism

2. Enter the running pattern

3. Chose the Selection of Motor tab, select a motor series and operating voltage

4. Click on any motor model to see detail results from the calculations

It's that simple! If you've had the chance to try this small example, you will have realized that sizing does not have to be a complicated matter. Accurate sizing is simple, and when using Panasonic's software, you can be confident that not only will the motor work for your application, but it will be the most efficient and economical motor available. The motor for your application be over or undersized again.