HX Series - SP-CapTM Polymer Capacitors

June 24, 2016
By Krushnang Joshi

Panasonic provides extreme quality and high performance Capacitors and is proud to announce the latest addition to the Capacitor product line – the new HX Series SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors. The HX Series is a revolutionary Surface Mount Type product with low ESR and a voltage range from 2 to 25 VDC. An endurance capability of 1000h rating helps to maintain usage within a range of high temperature requirements. Applications include lighting, storage, servers, networks, industrial equipment and more.

Features, Benefits, Applications, Industries

The new HX Series parts feature High Ripple Current up to 8.5Arms and low ESR ranging from 5 to 25 mΏ. In addition, HX Series parts are strictly RoHS/REACH Compliant. HX Series includes low ESR Capacitors with guaranteed performance up to 125°C. The benefits of using the HX Series of SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors include low and high life Temperature Resistance. These Capacitors can withstand high stress levels.  Most importantly, their volumetrically efficient capability allows these Capacitors to be environmentally friendly.

HX Series parts are mainly used in applications such as Computing/IT and Lighting. They are designed into devices for the Industrial Electronic industry.

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