Introducing X-GaN™ Power Transistors

December 20, 2016
By Bethany Dunich

Panasonic is now mass producing 600VDC enhancement mode Gallium Nitride Power SMD DFN Transistors, X-GaN (PGA26E19BA and PGA26E07BA) and a dedicated high speed gate driver(AN34092B). X-GaN is one of the next-generation Semiconductor compounds that will help revolutionize a wide range of devices. It can achieve space and energy savings when applied to Transistors used in various power units. A Gate Driver is required to drive a Transistor; however, general Gate Drivers for conventional Silicon (Si) Transistors cannot exploit the potential of X-GaN Transistors since the gate structure of X-GaN transistors are different from that of Si Transistors.


The new high-speed gate driver (AN34092B) helps our X-GaN easily and safely achieves high-speed switching performance. It can drive transistors at high frequencies of up to 4 MHz and integrates the active miller clamp function that prevents malfunction during high-speed switching. X-GaN achieves a 600 V breakdown enhancement mode through our unique technology and features high-speed switching and low on-resistance. The combination of X-GaN and dedicated high-speed gate drivers will contribute to significant space and energy savings of various power conversion units for industrial and consumer use.

X-GaN and dedicated high-speed gate drivers are suitable for various applications such as 100 W to 5 kW power supply units, inverters, data centers, mobile base stations, consumer electronics, audio-visual equipment, industrial and medical devices.

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