Moving Forward With Bluetooth Low Energy

March 11, 2014
By Anonymous

Blutetooth Low Energy

While Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) may not be part of your electronic designs just yet, odds are that will soon change. This wireless connectivity technology has experienced explosive growth over the past three years and now provides low-power connectivity to millions of electronic devices like smart watches, fitness trackers, smart phone accessories and medical monitors. Thanks to upcoming technical enhancements, BLE is poised to become even more pervasive in the next generation of consumer electronics and the emerging Internet of Things.

Many of the enhancements have been incorporated in Bluetooth 4.1, a recent update to the core specification. Among them are support for more efficient bulk data transfers, greater flexibility in communications between devices, simultaneous dual-mode roles, and first steps towards IP-based communications. Taken together, these technical improvements make BLE even more attractive from power consumption, performance and cost standpoints.

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