NaPiOn Motion Sensors Used In M.I.T. Light Bridge

July 09, 2011
By Anonymous

NaPiOn Motion Sensors And The M.I.T. Light Bridge

Panasonic donated NaPiOn Infrared Motion/Proximity Sensors to the M.I.T Light Bridge Project.

The M.I.T Project is a dynamic, interactive LED array that responds to pedestrians on the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge in Cambridge, MA. The 10,000 pixel display is activated by sensors (proximity sensors, cameras, buttons, microphones, mobile phones) that respond to the movement and activities of viewers in the area.

By combining sensors and programmable lighting, the project illustrates the potential for user-driven urban screens and new configurations of low-resolution displays to blur the boundaries between traditional city lighting and the responsive infrastructures of tomorrow.

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Watch Below to See Bright Lights of the Bridge