New Tool Allows HMI Screens to Control FPWINPRO Functionality & PLCs

December 20, 2012
By Anonymous
HMI - Panasonic GT32M - Panasonic Industrial Devices 


A new tool available with the GT series HMI panel eliminates the need for PLC software and allows users to manage and monitor PLCs like never before. This new tool from Panasonic is called "FP MONITOR". FP Monitor is available for all PLC's with a built-in USB connection. FP Monitor can do the following:

  • Read and write system registers
  • Read and write registers (bit and word data)
  • Force registers on/off
  • Monitor shared memory
  • Monitor error status
  • Manage passwords

There are several modes in the FPMonitor main menu, they are:

  1. System Register
  2. Error
  3. Device
  4. Password
  5. Shared Memory

HMI FPMonitor Main Screen - Panasonic Industrial Devices








1. System Register: FP Monit

or gives you the ability to change system registers from outside the PLC through the system registers menu. This mode displays the number of the system register in the PLC. You can change system registers from the HMI to control the configuration of the PLC (i.e. counter start address, data register hold start address, etc.)

HMI System Register Example - Panasonic Industrial Devices







2. Error: Errors can be monitored and cleared with the error menu. Customers/maintenance don't need PLC software to see what error is occuring in the PLC and can therefore take the necessary actions to fix it more quickly.

HMI Error Monitor Example - Panasonic Industrial Devices







3. Device Menu: This menu utilizes the a) Easy monitor, b) Entry monitor, and c) Forced on/off control methods which allows the user to easily read and write to device on the PLC and overwrite the PLC program's command on the device.   

4. Password: Passwords can now be cleared or changed from the HMI screen by using the password menu.  Use this screen to set or delete passwords for password-protected PLCs. You can use 4-digit or 8-digit passwords.   

5. Shared Memory: This displays the screen for reading values from the shared memory. The screen is read-only and displays the value of the shared memory address selected.  

HMI Shared Memory Example - Panasonic Industrial Devices







This new tool should be of great value to users in managing and monitoring PLCs in general. Please contact Panasonic Technical Support if there are questions about these new features, or feel free to post your questions below.

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