New PA-N Series of Power Relays

June 13, 2016
By Krushnang Joshi

Panasonic is excited to launch the new PA-N Series of Power Relays. This product helps PLC manufacturers in the development of new products that are suitable and appropriate for new compliance standards. It is essential that industrial equipment utilized in factories needs to be secure, reliable, and perform strongly during the time of use. 

New Product Information

The PA-N Series has a voltage of 3000 V along with outstanding shock resistance and low power consumption. Additionally, Switch maximum of 5A at 250Vac and 30Vdc is required for adaptable PA-N Series products. We have improved the internal structure of the PA-N Series Relay to advance its breakdown voltage from 2000V to 3000V to ensure it is adapted and it compatible with the new standards. 

Features, Benefits, Applications, and Industries

The main feature of the PA-N Series is that it is Reinforced Insulation Complaint which complies with IEC 61010. It also features ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 and RoHS/REACH Compliance. It has a slim size for higher density mounting and low operating power. Exceptionally dependable products are getting approved and accepted for Relays to ensure they properly control the output from PLCs. 

The benefits of using the PA-N Series of Power Relays are that they have excellent shock resistance and coil power consumption is reduced by 10% from conventional Relay products. They comply with the explosion-proof and dust-ignition standards along with being environmentally friendly. 

The PA-N Series main use in applications are as industrial and office equipment, measuring devices and test equipment. The PA-N Series of Power Relays are often used in two types of industries: Factory Automation and Interface for Controllers.

Learn more about the Power PA-N Series

PA-N Series is IEC 61010 and UL Compliant

The International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) have been providing technical requirements for the PLCs in the European Union (EU) and in many other countries around the world. IEC standards are certified to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for PLCs. These standards were created to enforce production facilities at factories. Improvements and advancements are being planned out to the European IEC standards and the UL standards of the United States to ensure additional safety requirements on PLCs. For example, securing their products to be compatible with the new standards. Panasonic's new 1 Form A 5 A Slim Power Relay for PLCs and interfaces has reinforced insulation and is already established as compatible with the new standards such as IEC61010. 

The PA-N Series datasheet lists all new product information.