Panasonic Joins MassRobotics

November 18, 2016
By Bethany Dunich

Panasonic has partnered with MassRobotics, an independent organization serving as a hub and accelerator program for Robotic start-up companies, located in Boston, MA. MassRobotics brings together innovative start-up companies and leading technology organizations, like Panasonic, to help nurture the next evolution of Robotics and also promote new talent, economic growth and innovation. For a full list of Partner companies, please visit

The robotics revolution is accelerating, fueled by easily accessible, low-cost technology and the unlimited human imagination. Robots are starting to assist us in innovative ways in our work and personal lives, as designers combine Mobility, Manipulators, and Communications with Sensors, Software, and Artificial Intelligence to develop robot solutions for use on land, in air, water, or space. Visit the Robotics Technology Solutions page for more information on Panasonic solutions for Robotic applications.