Prolong the Lifetime of Your Product With the Panasonic SD Card Use Case Log Analysis Service

October 25, 2016
By Bethany Dunich

When designing an application, the goals of quality and reliability are always a priority. If an application stops working prematurely – the associated brand will build a poor reputation quickly as well as incur additional costs for replacement products. A frequent culprit of short lived products are the SD cards designed into them. The lifetime of SD Cards can vary dramatically depending on differences in memory type, controller features and the host access pattern. In the past, there was no way for an engineer to predict the lifetime of an SD Card based on the application it would be used in, leaving them with the uncertainty of the component’s performance – until now. To alleviate this issue, Panasonic is offering an SD Card Use Case Log Analysis Service to help confirm the quality and reliability of applications that have SD Cards designed in.



The Use Case Log Analysis Service is a lifetime analysis simulation. This unique service offered only by Panasonic allows the manufacturer to know exactly how long a Panasonic SD Card will function in their application.



Step 1: Request a specialized SD Card from Panasonic that will analyze and log the application’s real-world usage patterns.  This card has two memory areas, one for normal use, and the other which stores SD controller functions.

Step 2: Use this card in the desired application for one week, and send it back to Panasonic.

Step 3:  Panasonic engineers will analyze the logged data and create a customized report that compares the lifetime estimates for all available technologies based on the usage. This provides an idea of what the total cost of ownership (TCO) is for each SD Card option so an informed decision can be made on which card to purchase.

Below is a summary chart of this report showing a particular example where the customer has a target lifetime of 5 years. The customer has the option of a $10 card (which will need to be replaced 13 times over 5 years) or a $40 card (which will never need to be replaced over 5 years).


A long time Panasonic customer was in the process of designing a utility meter cabinet. Each cabinet had 12 water meters and 1 MicroSD Card. This customer had to determine which SD Card to use so the utility meter cabinet would last for 5 years. Because of their relationship with Panasonic, they were aware of the Panasonic SD Card Use Case Log Analysis Service. During the process of logging and analyzing the data collected from the specialized SD Card, the utility meter engineers modified the software on the SD Card 3 times to successfully reach their 5 year goal. Panasonic analyzed 3 different Log Analysis Cards. If they did not have access to this service, the engineers would be uncertain of which card to choose, which would have led to an application with a shorter life. In addition, the Use Case Log Analysis Report helped justify the cost of the card to the purchasing department. Panasonic ultimately recommended they use the RP-SMSC04DA1, a SLC micro SD Card, which will last 5.8 years in their application.

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