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  • August 06, 2012
    Using PhotoMOS Relays For More Than Test And Measurement PhotoMOS Relays are not only for test and measurement applications. These solid state Relays can also switch and protect small motors, power supplies, and control devices with load currents up to 6 amps. To do this, PhotoMOS Relays combine high switching speed with low control current and reliable overcurrent protection. 
  • May 01, 2012
    LED Current And PhotoMOS Lifespan Panasonic PhotoMOS Relays are well known for their extremely long lifespan. However, there is a caveat - engineers must take into consideration the LED current when incorporating PhotoMOS in their designs. Let's take a look at how LED current defines a PhotoMOS Relay lifespan. LED Characteristics The LED life curve below shows LED power getting lower in proportion to the number of hours of use. It is not the number of operations, but the number of hours the LED current is applied.