Use HMI Operation Security to Avoid Costly Production Line Delays

February 08, 2013
By Anonymous
Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Panasonic GT32M - Panasonic Industrial Devices


Is your GT series HMI in a public area or used by multiple site personnel? While leaving HMI programs open to your entire staff is the easiest route to take, it is also the most dangerous. Allowing access to high level functions and settings which require expert knowledge and experience, to all personnel is ill-advised and has the potential to interrupt and/or delay production.

With the GTWIN operation security features, setting access and permission levels is easy. Panasonic has included operation security settings on the GT05 and GT32 for some time and it is now available to all USB enabled HMI. When activated, operation security allows you to assign passwords and various levels of security to GT parts. There are 16 security levels available, (0 through 15). Level 0 requires no password.  Access to any level grants the user access to that level and all levels below.  For example, an assembly line worker with level 3 access, can see and operate all devices with level 3, 2, 1, and 0 security.  Supervisors with level 6 access, can see and operate all devices with level 6 and below security. Panasonic's operation security settings allow up to 64 accounts with individual passwords, enabling multiple registrations per level. Shown below are screenshots of the the Operation Security Dialog  boxes.

Panasonic HMI Security Configuration Example - Panasonic Industrial DevicesHMI Security Password Screen Example - Panasonic Industrial Devices

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