Why Relay Contact Gap is Important

June 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Relay Contact Gap

One of the most important considerations for applications that require high surge voltage protection is relay contact gap.  This is because the greater the distance between contact terminals, the higher surge voltage the Relay can withstand. Therefore, a safe contact gap distance provides protection from short-circuit conditions that could damage your product.

Surge Voltages

The European market has established the VDE0126 standard, which specifies the proper contact gap size in correlation to the surge voltage of the system.  For example, a 2.5kV system requires a contact gap of 1.5mm. Solar panels are a great example of an application with high surge voltages. Panasonic has a wide range of Relays that can be used in the solar market. The LF-G and HE PV series of Relays are commonly used on the AC side of the solar inverter to disconnect from the electrical grid.

          lf-g; he-s; he pv relays

                                                                                Figure 1: Panasonic Relays

Panasonic's Power Relays have contact gap ranges from 1.5mm to 2.5mm, providing a wide range of protection and solutions to solar inverter applications for both the residential and commercial market.

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