Specifications table for model AKW263100A
ItemPerformance characteristics
Supply voltage range100 to 240V AC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Nominal power consumption15VA approx. (240V AC at 25 ℃ +77 ℉)
Inrush current30A or less (240V AC/DC at 25 ℃ +77 ℉)
Allowable Momentary Power-Off Time10 ms
Ambient TemperatureOperation: at -10 to +50 ℃ 14 to 122 ℉
Storage: at -25 to +70 ℃ -13 to 158 ℉
Ambient Humidity30 to 85% RH (at 20℃ 68℉) with non-condensing
Breakdown Voltage (Initial)Between the isolated circuits: 2,000 V/1 min
・ Enclosure - All terminals
・ Between primary and secondary insulated circuits (Double insulation is supported)
(1) Power supply terminals - other terminals
(2) Voltage input terminal - other terminals
Insulation resistance(initial)Between the isolated circuits: 100 MΩ or more
Vibration resistance10 to 150Hz (7.5 minutes/cycle), Single amplitude: 0.75 mm 0.030 in (1 h on 3 axes)
10 to 55Hz (1 minute/cycle), Single amplitude: 0.375 mm 0.015 in (1 h on 3 axes)
Shock resistanceMin. 294 m/s2 (5 times on 3 axes)
Display methodBlack-and-white LCD with backlight (graphic form)
Display updating time cycle500, 1000, 2000, 3000 ms (set with setting mode)
Power failure memory methodInternal memory
Sea level altitudeUnder 2,000 m 6,562 ft
Overvoltage categoryIII
Pollution degree2
Dimensions W/H/D85 x 140 x 65 mm 3.346 x 5.512 x 2.559 in
Weight (Typ.)Approx. 450 g
InterfaceIEEE802.3u, 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T
ynchronous systemSynchronous communication method
Isolation statusIsolated with the internal circuits
ProtocolMEWTOCOL, MODBUS (RTU)(select with setting mode)
Number of connected unit99 units (max.)
(Note) For RS485 converter on the computer side, we recommend SI-35 and SI-35USB (from LINE EYE Co.,Ltd.) . When using SI-35, SI-35USB or PLC from our company (which can be connected up to 99 units), up to 99 can be connected. In case using this system with the other devices, up to 31 can be connected.
Transmission distance1,200 m 3,937 ft
(Note) Please check with the actual devices when some commercial devices with RS485 interface are connected. The number of connected devices, transmission distance, and transmission speed may be different according to using transmission line.
Transmission speed115200, 57600, 38400, 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400 bps (select with setting mode)
Transmission format : Data length8 bit (fixed)
Transmission format : ParityNot available / Odd number / Even number (select with setting mode)
Transmission format : Stop bit1 bit, 2 bit (select with setting mode)
Number of communication ports2
Transmission specifications : Transmission speed100 Mbps / 10 Mbps
Transmission specifications : Transmission methodBase band
Transmission specifications : Max. segment length100 m 328 ft
BLEUTP (category 5)
Web serverSetting, Monitoring measured values
FunctionAuto-negotiation function(Note) , MDI/MDI-X auto-crossover function
(Note) Speed change is automatically performed by an auto-negotiation function.
Dedicated communicationMEWTOCOL,MODBUS(TCP)(2 session for each)
Insulation methodPhotoMOS relay
y100 mA, 30 V AC/DC
modePulse input or external device output signal clock synchronization
Pulse Output by integral power : Pulse width1 ms to 100 ms (set with setting mode)
Pulse Output by integral power : Pulse output unit0.001 kWh / 0.01 kWh / 0.1 kWh / 1 kWh / 10 kWh / 100 kWh
Alarm Output / Event Output: TypeStand-by alarm/ Under voltage alarm/ Over voltage alarm/ Power interruption alarm/ Under current alarm/ Over current alarm/ Active power alarm/ Reactive power alarm/ Apparent power alarm/ PF alarm/ Over frequency alarm/ Under frequency alarm/ Voltage harmonics alarm/ Current harmonics alarm/ Voltage THD alarm/ Current THD alarm/ Unbalanced voltage alarm/ Unbalanced current alarm/ Power demand alarm/ Current demand alarm/ Counter output/ Level output (external control)
Alarm Output / Event Output : Alarm ResetSelf-reset (according to the setting) / Manual-reset
Protection elementZener diode
Alarm Output [OUT1] [OUT2]: DisplayLighting alarm mark
Alarm Output [OUT1] [OUT2] : Output SignalNormal: OFF
Alarm: ON
Alarm Output [OUT1] [OUT2] : Output Capacity100 mA, 30 V AC/DC
lation methodInput dedicated insulation (insulated with other funct ion terminals)
methodConnection point / non-voltage a contact or open collector (operated by internal power source)
gnalNon-voltage input
・ Impedance during short-circuit: 1 kΩ or less (short- circuit current, approx. 10 mA or less)
・ Residual voltage during short-circuit: 3 V or less
・ Impedance while open: 100 kΩ or more
Maximum counting speed2000 Hz / 30 Hz
Minimum input signal width0.25 ms (2000 Hz selected) / 16.7 ms (30 Hz selected)
ON: OFF ratio = 1: 1
Pre-scale setting : Decimal pointUp to three decimal points can be selected
Pre-scale setting : Range0.001 to 100.000 (set with setting mode)
Output mode (during pulse output selection)HOLD
Pulse input : Pulse input1,000 to 99,000 pulse/kWh Arbitrary setting (External pulse converter required)
Pulse input : Pulse rate0.001 to 100000 kWh/pulse
Pulse input : Pulse input condition (2000 Hz)Pulse width: 0.25 ms or more
Pulse interval: 0.5 ms or more (OFF time 0.25 ms or more)
Pulse input : Pulse input condition (30 Hz)Pulse width: 16.7 ms or more
Pulse interval: 33.4 ms or more (OFF time 16.7 ms or more)
Pulse input : Operation voltage / current5 V DC 10 mA

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