Specifications table for model AKR2002
ItemPerformance characteristics
Rated voltage12 to 24V DC
Operating voltage range10.8 to 26.4V DC
Current consumption150 mA or less (During sending)
Inrush current23 A (when 24 V DC)
Ambient Temperature-10 to +50 degrees
Storage temperature-20 to +70 degrees
Ambient Humidity30 to 85 %RH (at 25 degrees non-condensing)
Storage humidity30 to 85 %RH (at 25 degrees non-condensing)
Breakdown Voltage (Initial)500 V AC for 1 min. (Between power terminal and FG / DSUB connector)
Insulation resistance(initial)100 M ohm or more (at 500 V DC mega)(Between power terminal and FG / DSUB connector)
Vibration resistance10 to 55 Hz 1cycle / min. Double amplitude of 0.75 mm, 10 min. on 3 axes
Shock resistance98 m / s2 or more, 4 times on 3 axes
Noise immunity1000 V [p-p] with pulse width 50 ns, 1 micro s (based on in-house measurements)(Power terminal)
Overcurrent protection of power supplyFuse (Rated current: 3.15A)
Weight (Typ.)Approx. 160 g
ve typeDirect sequence spread spectrum (DS-SS)
Transmission distanceRS232C: 15 m
RS485: 1,200 m
ve output6 mW / MHz or less
Frequency2403.328 MHz to 2480.128 MHz
Number of channels76 ch (Select with communication channel switch)
(Note) Adding to the fixed channel, 76 ch (00 to 4B), 89 group channel can be selected. Group channel is the function that it selects connectable channel from several fixed channels automatically. When using repeater function, use with the fixed channel. When using group channel, settable channel numbers are decreased in the same communication area and the communication time becomes longer.
Number of channels in same transmission area15 channels recommended (when select fixed channel)
(Note) It is different according to the mounting conditions, when several channels are used in the same communication area, communication error might occur due to interference radio wave.
Transmission speed1,200, 2,400, 4,800, 9,600, 19,200, 38,400, 57,600, 115,200 bit / s (Selectable with MODE switch)
Communication Style1: N topology (N: 99 units max.)
Repeater function8 repeaters (Between master and slave)
Response time-
InterfaceConforming to RS232C, Conforming to RS485
Communication MethodHalf-duplex
ynchronous systemSynchronous communication method
Transmission formatStop bit: 1 bit
Parity: Not available / Available (odd / even)
Data length: 7bit / 8bit
Data buffer2,048 bytes (Max. data byte size for send and receive one time)
Ending resistanceApprox. 120 ohm (built-in)(Terminal ''E'' and terminal ''–'' are shorted when ending.)
Number of connected unitsMax. 31
Setting function- Operating mode change (SET, RUN, TEST)
- Communication channel change (CH switch)
- Unit No. change (UNIT No. switch)
- Serial communication setup (MODE switch)
- Slave registration
- Initializing (Factory setting)
Test functionCommunication test: 3-stage LED display (With setting tool, it can do various communication tests such as changing data amount, including repeaters and so on. And it can measure an approximate communication time.)
Field intensity monitor: 3-stage LED display (With setting tool, it can display and record a field intensity of each channel by numeric value.)
LED display- Distinguish master or slave (MASTER)
- On communication, Power on (COM.)
- On setting, Complete setting (SET)
- Error, Alarm, Caution (ALARM)
- Level indication (1, 2, 3: when using test function)

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