Specifications table for model
ItemPerformance characteristics
Document PartsFC8V22280L
SeriesResin sealed PKG
VGS (V)±12
IS /ID (A)8.5
Isp (A)/Idp (A)85
PD (W)1
Package Length (mm)2.9
Package Width (mm)2.8
Package Thickness (mm)0.81
RSS(on)@VGS=4.5V [Min] (mΩ)6.7
RSS(on)@VGS=4.5V [Typ] (mΩ)9.8
RSS(on)@VGS=4.5V [Max] (mΩ)13
RSS(on)@VGS=3.8V [Min] (mΩ)6.9
RSS(on)@VGS=3.8V [Typ] (mΩ)10
RSS(on)@VGS=3.8V [Max] (mΩ)13.5
RSS(on)@VGS=3.1V [Min] (mΩ)7.2
RSS(on)@VGS=3.1V [Typ] (mΩ)11
RSS(on)@VGS=3.1V [Max] (mΩ)18
RSS(on)@VGS=2.5V [Min] (mΩ)7.5
RSS(on)@VGS=2.5V [Typ] (mΩ)13
RSS(on)@VGS=2.5V [Max] (mΩ)26
IDSS [Max] (µA)1
ISSS / IDSS [Max] (μA)1
IGSS@VGS=8V [Max] (µA)±1
IGSS@VGS=8V [Max] (μA)±1
Vth [Min] (V)0.35
Vth [Typ] (V)0.9
Vth [Max] (V)1.4
Ciss [Typ] (pF)1500
Coss [Typ] (pF)170
Crss [Typ] (pF)145
Td (On) [Typ] (Ns)0.4
td(on) [Typ] (µs)0.4
tr [Typ] (µs)0.9
tr [Typ] (ns)0.9
td(off) [Typ] (µs)2.3
Td (Off) [Typ] (Ns)2.3
tf [Typ] (µs)1.5
Tf [Typ] (Ns)1.5
Qg [Typ] (nC)12
Qg (Typ) [nC]12
Qgs [Typ] (nC)5.5
Qgs [Typ] (nC)5.5
Qgd [Typ] (nC)3.5
Qgd [Typ] (nC)3.5
VF(s-s)/VSD [Typ] (V)0.8
VF(s-s)/VSD [Max] (V)1.2
Tch (°C)150
Tstg (°C)-55 to +150
Rth (°C/W)125
Rth (°C/W)125
RoHS (Compliance Certificate)Available
Reach (Report of Confirmation) Available
Halogen FreeYes

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