PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs): EKMB (WL) Series

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design engineersPanasonicEKMB1100100
Lensless type1µAn/an/aDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1104111
Wall installation type1µAWhite12m, 6m, 3mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1104112
Wall installation type1µABlack12m, 6m, 3mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1104113
Wall installation type1µAPearl White12m, 6m, 3mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1105111
Horizontally wide detection type1µAWhite5mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1105112
Horizontally wide detection type1µABlack5mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1105113
Horizontally wide detection type1µAPearl White5mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1193111
Standard and Slight motion detection type1µAWhite2.2mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1193112
Standard and Slight motion detection type1µABlack2.2mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1204111
Wall installation type2µAWhite12m, 6m, 3mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1204112
Wall installation type2µABlack12m, 6m, 3mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1204113
Wall installation type2µAPearl White12m, 6m, 3mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1205111
Horizontally wide detection type2µAWhite5mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1205112
Horizontally wide detection type2µABlack5mDigital
design engineersPanasonicEKMB1205113
Horizontally wide detection type2µAPearl White5mDigital