Bluetooth Multi Mode: PAN1323 Series

PAN1323 - Bluetooth SMART READY - Panasonic Industrial Devices

One highly flexible RF Module, three popular standards: Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT™. The PAN1323 Series Triple Mode RF Module with embedded antenna provides easily integrated Bluetooth Version 4.0 and ANT connectivity into new and current designs by removing RF design and certification barriers from the development of the application. Gain unprecedented access using this three mode gateway module that can connect 14 Million ANT nodes to over 3 Billion Bluetooth nodes. Use Bluetooth EDR to manage large data requirements while taking advantage of extraordinary battery life using ultra-low power network technology found in Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT for small data loads.

Designers can reduce the size and cost of applications using Panasonic’s unique, tiny footprint technology. Just 85.5 mm2, this family of modules are designed to accommodate PCBs with pad pitch of 1.3mm with as little as two layers for easy implementation and manufacturing. The PAN1323 Series Modules have a Bluetooth subsystem, FCC, CE, (ETSI) and IC certifications.

The PAN1323 Series is based upon Texas Instrument’s CC256x integrated circuits and uses a host controlled interface (HCI), a cost effective and flexible means to implement a Bluetooth network. HCI reduces BOM cost by eliminating redundant processing capacity and giving designers the flexibility to work with a controller of their choosing, as the stacks reside and execute on the application’s host processor.

The PAN1323 Series is pad compatible with Panasonic’s PAN1325A, PAN1326 and PAN1327 Series. A single PCB layout allows the flexibility of different protocol functionality implemented with only firmware. 

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Features & Applications

  • A Single Module for Three Standards: Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT™
    • Bluetooth Version 4.0
    • ANT™ is a wireless sensor network protocol designed for ultra-low power applications
    • Bluetooth Low Energy average power consumption is about 1 uA
  • Cost Effective and Flexible HCI Interface
  • Easily Integrates to Texas Instruments' MSP430 and Stellaris ARM7 Controllers
  • Extraordinary Range with 10 dbm of Tx Power
  • Small Footprint: 9mm x 9.5mm x 1.8mm
  • Fully Certified, Bluetooth v4.0, FCC, CE and IC
  • Complete Development Environment
  • 100% Footprint Compatible with Panasonic's PAN13xx Series
  • Temperature Rating
    -40°C to +85 °C
  • Supports All Bluetooth Profiles
  • Compatible with 14 Million Deployed ANT Nodes
  • Health and Wellness
    - Heart Rate Monitor
    - Blood Pressure Sensor
    - Blood Glucose Monitor
    - Thermometer
  • Sports and Fitness
    - Fitness Equipment
    - Bicycle Computer
    - Cadence
    - Power Meter
    - Pedometer
  • Home Automation
    - Flood Alarm
    - Lighting Control
    - HVAC Monitoring and Control
  • Gateways
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Irrigation