Video attached to Passive Components attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) and saw the new top of the line Panasonic HDTVs. Panasonic makes the best Plasma TVs, and has recently made some exceptional LED TVs. All 2013 LED TVs are Energy Star 6.0 certified. This year, Panasonic has dropped the GT Plasma Series, but added the ZT top of the line Plasma series. The ZT now sits above last years VT Series as the top plasma hdtv. Panasonic has a prototype 4K and OLED TV with amazing clarity, colors, and contrast. Dual core processors are in the Plasma ZT60 and VT60 models, and in the LED WT60 and DT60 for faster Smart TV functions. Many of the new TVs allow you to control the TV with your voice.