AQV25_G3S Series PhotoMOS® Relays

March 12, 2018 New Product Introductions

New AQV25_G3S Series PhotoMOS HE SOP 1 Form A High Capacity Relay Miniature SOP 6-Pin Type With High Capacity 3.3A Load Current

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, introduces the NEW AQV25_G3S Series PhotoMOS Relays product line. With an outer dimension of 6.3 mm (L) x 4.4 mm (W) x 2.1 mm (H), the NEW AQV25_G3S Series High Capacity PhotoMOS Relays can switch up to 3.3A with load voltage 60V and 100V allowing them to achieve high capacity in a miniature SOP package. With 1 Form A Type contact arrangement and high capacity ratings, the NEW AQV25_G3S Series Relays can be used in applications such as security equipment, fire-preventing systems, industrial machines and HVAC applications such as thermostats, etc. These new Relays are surface mount and available in both tube and tape and reel packaging styles. The NEW AQV25_G3S Series Relays are not designed for Automotive use.

Features: Benefits:
  • High Capacity Switching
  • Miniature 6-Pin Package: (L) 6.3 mm x (W) 4.4 mm x (H) 2.1 mm
  • Continuous Load Current: Max. 3.3A
  • Load Voltage: 60V and 100V
  • Low On-Resistance and High Sensitivity
  • Stable Contact Resistance
  • Dual Packaging Options
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Switching High Capacity Load Ratings Such As 2.2A Load Current At 100V And 3.3A Load Current At 60V In A Small Profile SOP 6 Pin Package.
  • Available In Both Tube And Tape/Reel Packaging.
  • Typical On Resistance (Ron) Is 33 Milliohms For AQV252G3S (3.3A/60V) Is Achieved With High Capacity Miniature SOP Package.
  • Stable Contact Resistance Compared To Electromechanical Relays. The Life Of PhotoMOS Relays Is Longer. Once Designed In, Future Board Redesign is not necessary.
  • Specifications Allow Use In Place Of Mercury And Mechanical Relays
Industries Applications
  • Security / Disaster Prevention
  • Industrial
  • HVAC
  • Security Equipment
  • Fire Prevention Systems
  • Industrial Machines
  • Thermostats
  • HVAC Temperature Control


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