Chip Choke Coils - ELL-8TP Series

December 22, 2015 New Product Introductions
Panasonic ELL-8TP series of chip choke coils

Wire Wound, Chip Choke Coils with a Magnetic Shielding

Panasonic, a world leader in inductors, is pleased to announce the NEW ELL-8TP series of chip choke coil power inductors. With an 8x8mm case size, the ELL-8TP Series small-sized power inductors have magnetic shielding to minimize the effect of noise. They have a low DC resistance so more usable power is delivered to the load. A selection of nineteen part numbers are available with values ranging from 0.8 to 1000µH (9A to 250mA).

Features: Benefits:
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Low DC resistance
  • 0.8 to 1000µH (9A to 250mA)
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Minimizes Effect of Noise
  • More usable power delivered to the load
  • Wide application coverage
  • Environmentally friendly
Industries: Applications:
  • A/V
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Amusement
  • DC/DC converter
  • Set top box
  • Gaming