ECW-F(E) Series New Product Introduction

July 18, 2014 New Product Introductions
Film Capacitors-NEW ECW-F(E) Series NPI - Panasonic Industrial Devices

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Capacitor Products, introduces the NEW ECW-F(E) Series of Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitors. With a durable outer box construction, this Panasonic part is capable of withstanding vibrations better than a standard dipped type film capacitor. The polypropylene dielectric provides better electrical characteristics than Polyester and the built-in fuse functionality allows the ECW-F(E) Series to open upon failure rather than short circuit. Currently rated for 450VDC applications, this film capacitor is essential for Power Supplies, PFC, and other applications where vibrations are a subject of concern.

Features: Benefits:

• Boxed Outer Construction 
• Built-In Fuse Function
• Polypropylene Dielectic
• RoHS/REACH Compliant

• Withstands Vibrations Better than Dipped Type Film Capacitors
• Failsafe Design, Opens Upon Failure
• Better Electrical Characteristics than Polyester Dielectric
Industries: Applications:
• Industrial Automation
•Alternative Energy
• Computers and IT
• Power Supplies
• Servers
• Automation Equipment