ERJ-T14L Series

December 21, 2016 New Product Introductions
panasonic erj-t14l anti pulse this film chip resistors

Anti-Pulse, Thick Film Chip Resistors

ERJ-T14L Series Anti-Pulse, Thick Film Chip Resistors Handle Stronger Pulse In A 1210 Case Size!

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Resistor Products, introduces the NEW ERJ-T14L Series Anti-Pulse, Thick Film Chip Resistors making it possible to handle stronger pulse in a 1210 case size. The New ERJ-T14L Series features higher rated power at 0.5OW and resistance tolerance of ±10% and ±20%. The ERJ-T14L Series offers high pulse characteristics because of Panasonic’s optimized trimming specifications. AEC-Q200 Compliance and IEC 60115-8, JIS C 5201-8 and EIAJ RC-2134B Reference Standards for the entire ERJ-T14L Series of Anti-Pulse Chip Resistors from Panasonic ensures optimal quality and reliability.

Features: Benefits:
  • High Pulse Handling Capability
  • High Rated Power At 0.50W
  • Resistance Tolerance: ±10% and ±20%
  • Low Current Noise
  • Soft Termination
  • Suitable For Both Reflow And Flow Soldering
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to 155°C
  • AEC-Q200 Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Reference Standards: IEC 60115-8, JIS C 5201-8 and EIAJ RC-2134B
  • Allows Larger Pulses To Be Dissipated Without Damaging The Resistor
  • Low Current Noise
  • Accurate Signal Transmission
  • Allows For Slight Thermal Expansion Which Prevents Problems With Solder Joints
  • AEC-Q200 Compliance Ensures Strict Quality Control Standards Are Being Enforced
Industries Applications
  • Automotive
  • General Industries
  • Wide Variety of Applications (ECU)
  • Inverter Circuit, Power Circuit
  • Lighting, Strobe Camera Lights, LCDTV
  • General Applications


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