Light Touch Switches - EVP-BB Series

December 18, 2014 New Product Introductions
EVP-BB Series Light Touch Switches NPI - Panasonic Industrial Devices

Panasonic, a world leader in Electromechanical Products, is pleased to announce the NEW EVP-BB Series Light Touch Switches! With a compact size of just W2.6 x H1.6 x H0.53 mm, this switch is one of the smallest in the world with an IP67 rating. Featuring a laser-welded design, Panasonic has been able to provide a high level of ingress protection while maintaining the sharp tactile feel necessary for enhanced user experience. The laser-welded design also helps to prevents actuator peel-off in the case of side-load or impact.

Features: Benefits:
• Small Size (2.6x1.6x0.53 mm)
• Laser Welded Design
• IP67 Rated
• RoHS/REACH Compliant
• Perfect for Small Applications
• Actuator Protection
• Withstands Typical Drop Tests
Applications: Industries:
• Glucose Meters, Hearing Aids
• Control Panels
• Wearable Devices: Smart Watch, Activity Trackers, etc.
• Medical
• Industrial Electronics
• Consumer Electronics