New ECQ-UA Series Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor Part Numbers From Panasonic Feature High Safety and High Humidity Resistance

April 06, 2018 New Product Introductions
line extension for ECQ-UA series capacitors

Compact Design For Interference Suppressor Applications

Panasonic has new part numbers available in the ECQ-UA Series of Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors featuring high humidity resistance (THB test: 85 °C/85 %/240 V.AC/1000 h (C

Specifically designed for interference suppressor applications, ECQ-UA Series Film Capacitors benefit from a compact design, a flame-retardant plastic case and non-combustible resin. Fully RoHS Compliant, the products have a rated voltage of 275VAC, a rated capacitance of 0.10 μF up to 4.7 μF, and a capacitance tolerance of ±10 % (K), ±20 % (M). The category temperature range is -40°C up to +110°C.


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