LP-GS Series CO2 Laser Markers New Product Introduction

October 24, 2014 New Product Introductions
LP-GS Series CO2 Laser Markers - Industrial Automation - Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

Panasonic, a world leader in Industrial Automation Products, is pleased to announce the NEW LP-GS Series CO2 Laser Markers! With a revolutionary small head size, this laser marker allows for mobility over the marking subject for ease of placement and flexibility of design. The built-in Z-Axis control mechanism improves production efficiency when marking on substrates of varying thickness or workpieces of multiple sizes.

New tablet friendly control software allows for high-end functionality, such as direct connection of a camera or reader without the need for a intermediary PLC. This allows for the correction of part position automatically and/or verification of mark fidelity after they are made. Additional features include flex-resistant cabling and optional Bluetooth® functionality.