Panasonic to Start Mass Production of High-Speed Gate Driver for X-GaN™ Power Transistor

November 07, 2016 Press Release
AN34092B Single-Channel High-Speed
Gate Driver For X-GaN Power Transistor

Panasonic recently announced that it will start mass production of a high-speed gate driver (Part Number: AN34092B) optimized for driving its GaN Power Transistor X-GaN in November 2016. The company will also start mass production of two types of X-GaN (Part Numbers: PGA26E07BA and PGA26E19BA) and provide solutions in combination with High-Speed Gate Drivers.

GaN is one of the next-generation Semiconductor compounds that can achieve space and energy savings when applied to Transistors used in various power units. A Gate Driver is required to drive a Transistor; however, general Gate Drivers for conventional Silicon (Si) Transistors cannot exploit the potential of GaN Transistors since the gate structure of GaN transistors is different from that of Si Transistors.

The new High-Speed Gate Driver (Part Number: AN34092B) helps Panasonics’ X-GaN easily and safely achieve high-speed switching performance. It can drive Transistors at high frequencies of up to 4 MHz and integrates the active miller clamp function[1] that prevents malfunction during high-speed switching. X-GaN achieves a 600 V breakdown enhancement mode[2] through Panasonics’ unique technology and features high-speed switching and low on-resistance[3]. The combination of X-GaN and dedicated High-Speed Gate Drivers will contribute to significant space and energy savings of various power conversion units for industrial and consumer use.

X-GaN Power Transistor

X-GaN and dedicated High-Speed Gate Drivers are suitable for various applications such as 100 W to 5 kW power supply units, inverters, data centers, mobile base stations, consumer electronics, audio-visual equipment, industrial and medical devices.

Features Of The AN34092B High-Speed Gate Driver

  • Drives Transistors At High Frequencies Of Up To 4 Mhz That Provide Space Savings
  • Achieves A High Slew Rate That Contributes To Energy Savings
  • Integrates The Active Miller Clamp Function That Prevents Malfunction During High-Speed Switching

Features Of The PGA26E07BA (70 mΩ) and PGA26E19BA (190 mΩ) X-GaN™

  • X-GaN Achieves A 600 V Breakdown Enhancement Mode Through Our Unique Technology And Current Collapse Free[4]. Its High-Speed Operations Enable Higher Power Conversion Efficiency And Further Size Reduction.

An Intro to X-GaN™


[1] Active Miller Clamp
The Active Miller Clamp is a function that directly fixes the gate voltage to the ground level to reduce voltage spikes on the gate in noisy environments that may cause malfunction of the Transistor when it is switched off.

[2] Enhancement Mode
An Enhancement Mode is a characteristic of Semiconductor devices that is normally switched off when no voltage is applied to the gate. This is also called normally-off.

[3] Low On-Resistance
On-Resistance is the resistance between the drain and the source electrode of a Transistor when the Transistor is switched on. The lower the value is, the smaller the loss of the Transistor is.

[4] Current Collapse
Current Collapse is a phenomenon in which electrons in the drain area are trapped by the energy of the high voltage applied between the drain and the source electrode. Since the trapped electrons prevent current flow from the drain to the source electrode when the Transistor is switched on, the On-Resistance increases.