Narrow Pitch Connectors - S35 Series

December 18, 2014 New Product Introductions
Narrow Pitch Connectors - S35 Series NPI - Panasonic Industrial Devices

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Connector Products, is pleased to introduce the NEW S35 Series Narrow-Pitch Connectors. Featuring a tough contact structure, these connectors boast a mated height of just 0.6mm and a width of 1.7mm. This is a 54% reduction in size over previous models and makes the S35 Series perfect for use in miniature mobile devices such as wearable electronics. A better insert guide width of 0.25mm helps hold the socket and header tightly together for better contact reliability.

Features: Benefits:
• Slim and Low Profile
• Better Insert Guide
• Tough Contact Construction
• RoHS/REACH Compliant
• Can Fit into Smaller Spaces with High-Density Mounting
• Socket/Header Held Tightly
• High-Reliability Contact Structure
Applications: Industries:
• Fitness Trackers
• Smart Watches
• Cellphones/Tablet PCs
• Mobile Electronics
• Wearable Devices