New Ask The Engineer Episode! (S1 E7)

July 13, 2018 In The News

Are There Any Alternatives To Using MLCCs? (S1, E7)

Panasonic is pleased to announce the launch of a NEW Ask The Engineer Episode 7: Are There Any Alternatives To Using MLCCs? Ask The Engineer Episode 7 is the last Episode of Season 1. Learn about Panasonic’s five Capacitor types available now as design in alternative solutions to MLCCs. MLCC shortages are expected to last well into 2020. Start the conversation about MLCCs by tuning in.

About Ask The Engineer

This Series works to answer the most frequently asked questions by Panasonic customers and stars two Panasonic Engineers, Rob O’Connor and Rich Showfety. Each Episode touches on a different Panasonic product line including Relays, Sensors, SD Cards, Capacitors, Wireless Connectivity and more.

The complete Season 1 (E1 – 7) is available now for you binge watchers out there!

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