New “Soft PGS” Compressible Type EYG-S Series

March 09, 2017 New Product Introductions
soft PGS

New “Soft PGS” Compressible Type EYG-S Series

A New PGS Graphite Sheet Thermal Interface Material Solution Designed Specifically For Use With IGBT Modules!

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Thermal Management Products, is pleased to introduce a new Thermal Management material, “Soft PGS”. An ideal Thermal Interface Material (TIM) solution, Soft PGS is designed with high compressibility characteristics to reduce contact thermal resistance between rough surfaces in extremely thin spaces. Custom cut to IGBT Module footprints, Soft PGS contributes to long life and increased performance of power modules by providing high thermostability and reliability in thermally sensitive areas. Soft PGS is easy to install with a one-to-two-step process that requires much lower labor and installation costs than thermal grease.

Soft PGS is a Graphite Sheet that is dedicated for use as a Thermal Interface Material. Soft PGS has very high compressibility compared to standard PGS, which reduces thermal resistance by following gap, warpage and distortion of targets/substrates. Excellent heat resistance and reliability of Soft PGS allows longer service life and higher performance of various components, such as Semiconductors. Soft PGS is cost-saving, because it allows the reduction of existing Thermal Management application processes. Unlike grease, Soft PGS eliminates the need for the printing process, since it is a sheet-type product.

*Please contact Panasonic for custom-made Soft PGS products as well.

Features Industries
  • Low Thermal Resistance: 0.2K•cm2/W (600 kpa)
  • Compressibility: 40% (600 kpa)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to 400°C
  • Thermostability Of Up To 400°C And High Reliability Against Intense Heat Cycles (-55~150°C)
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Automotive
  • Power
  • Audio / Visual
  • Medical
  • Communication
  • General
Benefits Applications
  • Custom Cut Footprints For IGBT Modules From Major IGBT Manufacturers
  • Available In Standard Sized Sheets
  • Increased Heat Transfer Due To Better Fitting On Uneven Surfaces
  • Simple Procedure For Installation
  • Reduction In Labor Costs Due To Easy Installation
  • No Deformation over time
  • Low Maintenance
  • Increases The Lifetime and Reliability Of The IGBT Module
  • For The Cooling / Heat Transfer of Electronic Devices That Generate Heat
  • Micro Inverters, IGBT Modules, FETS
  • Converters
  • Radio Devices, Touch Panels, Cameras
  • Automotive LED
  • Medical Equipment
  • Motor Control Unit
  • Optical Transceivers

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