New Various Power Choke Coils -ETQ Series

January 27, 2015 New Product Introductions
New Various Power Choke Coils -ETQ Series NPI - Panasonic Industrial Devices

Panasonic, a world leader in Inductor Products, is pleased to announce various NEW ETQ Series Power Choke Coils! This release expands Panasonic’s line-up of Power Choke Coils with a variety of new form factors and values. Metal Composite Technology results in a nearly linear inductance vs current performance. These new parts include AEC-Q200 qualified devices for automotive applications as well as other strenuous environments.

Features: Benefits:
• Metal Composite Technology
• Distributed “Air Gap”
• AEC-Q200 Qualified
• High Operating Temperature
• RoHS/REACH Compliant
• Near Linear Inductance vs Current Performance
• Resistance to Shock, Vibration, and Minimal Buzz Noise
• Operation in Strenuous Environments
• Useful in Automotive Applications
Applications: Industries:
• DC/DC Converters
• LED Drivers
• Industrial Electronics
• Lighting
• Test and Measurement
• Automotive / Transportation