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Panasonic Logiscend System For IIoT Material Management Flow

Panasonic Announces The Logiscend System — An Enterprise Solution For IIoT Material Flow Management In Complex, Just-In-Sequence Manufacturing Facilities

The Panasonic Logiscend System allows you to configure and reconfigure your pick and kitting setup in warehouse or at lineside — automatically replenish your parts — identify, tag, and locate critical tools and assets in your plant — and turn every container into a “smart container” that you can send instruction to, locate, track and log. Powerful manager dashboards and visualization tools provide deep insights into trends, performance and the most effective avenues for improvement.




Logiscend is a fully integrated IIoT system that includes all of the hardware, software and professional services you need to ensure complete end-to-end process visibility. The differentiating products are the VIEW visual display tags. Panasonic’s VIEW display tags directly replace paper labels with wirelessly connected e-paper displays in a variety of sizes, and the displayed instructions can be changed at any time — from anywhere — as conditions merit. Logiscend’s simple and elegant approach can be easily applied to nearly all material flow applications: pick, replenishment, asset tracking, work instructions, and more. And the best part — a Logiscend solution typically pays for itself in hard operating expenses within 9 months.

Panasonic Logiscend System Overview Video

Finally, there is a solution to replace the 40-year-old process of manually placing paper labels on the millions of containers, carts, and sub-assemblies flowing through factories every day with simple, cost-effective wireless displays: Logiscend is a complete hardware and software solution.