SP-Cap™ Capacitors - EEF-SR/LR Series

January 27, 2015 New Product Introductions
SP-Cap™ Capacitors - EEF-SR/LR Series NPI - Panasonic Industrial Devices

Panasonic, a world leader in Capacitor Products, is pleased to announce the NEW EEF-SR/LR Series SP-Cap Capacitors! Featuring a low ESR down to 4.5 mΩ, the EEF-SR/LR Series has a maximum height of just 1.0mm, making it a perfect match for applications that require a low PCB clearance, such as wearable electronics, servers, modems, and more. Ripple current ratings range from 7.5 to 8.5 ARMS ensuring that this series can withstand high stress levels. The three terminal construction of the EEF-LR Series allows for an ESL rating of ~0.5nH (typ.).

Features: Benefits:

• Maximum Height of 1.0mm 
• Three Terminal Construction (EEF-LR Series)
• High Ripple Current (7.5 to 8.5 ARMS)
• Low ESR (4.5 to 9 mΩ)
• RoHS/REACH Compliant

• Beneficial for Low-Clearance PCB Designs
• Allows for ESL of ~0.5nH (typ.) (EEF-LR Series)
• Minimal Capacitance Lost to Heat
• Can Handle High Stress Levels
Applications: Industries:
• Input/Output Capacitor
• Filtering
• Clock Circuit
• Consumer Electronics
• Computers and IT
• Industrial Electronics