Revolutionizing Data Transmission: High-Speed Active Optical Connectors

Are you looking for a high-speed connector that can reliably transmit large data for products such as industrial printing machines, medical equipment, measuring instruments, industrial robots, and factory automation cameras?

If you're struggling to choose the right connector for your needs, consider Panasonic's Active Optical Connector (AOC). These connectors are designed to be noise-resistant, electrically isolated, and easy to install, making them ideal solutions to overcome design challenges.

What is AOC?

AOC Optical Signal Black - AOC LP

All-In-One Design, Integrated Fiber Cable for High-Speed Transmission

The device being referred to is an all-in-one design that makes use of an integrated fiber cable for high-speed transmission. Copper traces on the PCB are used to establish an electrical connection. The electrical signals or differential signals that enter the device are later converted into optical signals within the plug. These optical signals are then transmitted through optical cables or optical fiber. The device enables high-speed transmission of large data, and offers external noise resistance and electrical isolation, thanks to the Panasonic Active Optical Connector (AOC).

Features and Benefits

  • Duplex LC Connector Allows for Diversity of Connection Type
  • High-Speed Transmission of 20 Mbps and guaranteed up to 8 Gbps and tested up to 10 Gbps
  • Low Power Consumption/Smaller Footprint Reduces Power Required and Space on Board
  • Noise Immunity/Electrical Isolation Allows for Stronger Signal Fidelity and Device/Human Protection
  • Product Lineup Includes 1 Channel-Bi-Direction and 2 Channel-Uni-Direction Options

Panasonic AOC Options

V Series (LC Connector Type)

TheV Series LC Connector Type Active Optical Connectorsinclude a Duplex-LC Connector, a Plug-To-LC Connector Type that can transmit a signal with a broad data rate from 20 Mbps to 8 Gbps for intra-device or inter-device connection—enhancing the existing Active Optical Connector offerings by providing the LC Connection to achieve long-distance transmission while maintaining high speeds, noise immunity, and electrical isolation characteristics.

V Series (Standard Type)

TheV Series Active Optical Connectorsfeatures a built-in laser diode and photodiode along with an electrical/optical conversion function, theV Seriesis an all-in-one optical transceiver capable of high-speed optical transmission rates up to 6 Gbps. Due to its compact, bi-directional design, it is possible to easily integrate the connector into products where space is at a premium. These Connectors have a vertical insertion form factor and exhibit impressive noise reduction and electrical isolation.

AOC Solutions

What Problem does Panasonic's AOC Solve?

Panasonic's AOC is a small device that combines high-speed transmission, noise resistance, electrical isolation, and long-distance transmission in a single unit. If you're an engineer considering a shift from copper to optical, Panasonic AOC can significantly reduce your circuit design effort. Optical is lighter and capable of longer distances than copper, offering enhanced flexibility. With Panasonic AOC, you can leverage the benefits of optical technology while reducing your equipment's size and power consumption. It's designed for easy assembly and provides high speed with electrical immunity. Moreover, it's compact, energy-efficient, and bi-directional, making it the smallest AOC in the market.

AOC achieves high-speed transmission, noise resistance, electrical isolation, and long-distance transmission all in one small device!

  • Reduce circuit design effort using Panasonic AOC
  • Engineer considering moving from copper to optical
  • Saves on weight, can go longer length, optical offers more flexibility than copper
  • Using optical but wants to reduce size and power
  • Easier to assemble
  • High speed with electrical immunity
  • Small size, low power, bi-directional
  • Smallest AOC in the market
Features and Benefits

Key Features of the AOC V Series

Increased Transmission Speed - AOC LP

Increased Transmission Speed

High-speed transmissionis possible.

  • 1 channel-Bi-direction: Max.8 Gbps
  • 2 channel-Uni-direction: Max.16 Gbps(Max.8Gbps/channel)

Max. 10 Gbps/channel is available as an option.

85 Percent of Size - AOC LP

85% of Size

Space and Wire-Saving:

Contributes to flexibility in equipment design and wiring.

85% Reduction of mounting area.
(Compared to optical transceivers: According to Panasonic research)

The mounting area can be greatly reduced because it is a small plug device.

EMC Characteristics - AOC LOP

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

High Noise Resistance:

Contributes to reducing effort and number of parts for noise resistance (circuit design).

Noise resistance of the electrical connections is also supported.

AOC has a sufficient margin for EMC characteristics under noise.

CAD Downloads

Free CAD Files

LC Connector Type (10 Gbps High Speed)

LC Connector Type Duplex 1 Channel-Bi-direction

Standard Type 1 Channel-Bi-Direction & 2 Channel-Uni-Direction

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AOC Evaluation Board - AOC LP

Would you like to evaluate the Active Optical Connector? 

Evaluation Board Lending Service

SMA Connectors can be connected for evaluation as well as FPGA evaluation boards (HSMCs: ASP-122953-01 manufactured by Samtec).

Please contact us for more details, such as connection examples. 

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