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Panasonic is a solutions provider supporting many markets with over 40 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying an extensive portfolio of components for medical devices, robotics applications, 5G and more. Panasonic solutions include a robust Passive Component product selection, Electromechanical, Wireless Connectivity and Sensor technologies, Battery solutions for portability and many other products to choose from for your device requirements.

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Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America is Where Technology Meets Humanity! With over 135,000 available part numbers and the technical expertise to create new solutions, Panasonic Industrial invests in partnerships with customers to build a Better Life, A Better World one component, one device, one system at a time!

5G Solutions

Panasonic Solutions for 5G Networking Applications

In this Panasonic presentation, discover the various Industrial Solutions for 5G Networking Applications. Learn more about how Panasonic's Passive and Electromechanical Components can be used in many types of 5G Networking hardware. As an industry-leading innovator, Panasonic shares a wide variety of 5G use case examples surrounding Panasonic's specialized Polymer Capacitors product line, as well as the DW Series Power Relays and RF Connectors.

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Robotics Solutions

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Components & Devices for Robotics Applications

Panasonic components and devices are ideal for many of the demanding operating conditions and functions of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Panasonic's solutions include Sensors, Batteries, and a wide range of Electronic Components that deliver high reliability and precision for specific Robotic tasks. Whether designing for logistics, medical, delivery or hospitality, Panasonic has solutions to meet AMR and AGV application requirements.  Please visit the Robotics application examples below to learn more.


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Medical Solutions

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Medical Application Components & Devices

Panasonic is a solutions provider for multiple industries, including the medical market. The medical industry depends upon Panasonic to supply reliable, quality products to support medical devices. Our Electronic Components and Batteries for Medical Technology applications are used in products ranging from large equipment to small portable and wearable devices. Whether designing for healthcare, clinical or diagnostic purposes, Panasonic offers products for most medical application requirements, please select the medical application examples below to learn more.


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