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Panasonic Direct Technology

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Designated Panasonic Direct Technologies are new product technologies that are so highly advanced that they must be designed into an application, tested and purchased directly with Panasonic. Designated Panasonic Direct Technologies may be available as Engineering Samples from Panasonic or through limited distributor partners once application details are provided by the customer.

Active Optical Connectors - V-Series for Panasonic Direct Technology

Active Optical Connectors

The V Series Active Optical Connectors offers an all-in-one design with integrated fiber cable for high-speed transmission. Featuring a built-in Laser Diode and Photodiode along with an electrical/optical conversion function, the V Series provides high-speed and wide data optical transmission at a 20 Mbps to 8 Gbps transmission rate.More About Active Optical Connectors​


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Panasonic Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor

A compact, dual-function Ultrasonic Gas Sensor that measures gas flow and gas concentration for flow rates from 1 to 25 Liters per minute. This Ultrasonic Gas Sensor uses a unique time-of-flight design with an on-board processor to make highly accurate measurements of both gas flow and concentration. Suitable for use with many gases in an easy to implement format.​ More About The Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor​


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Panasonic custom battery packs

Custom Battery Packs

Panasonic now offers AA and AAA Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Packs suitable for a wide variety of high and low temperature applications requiring long life. Featuring good performance at low temperatures and long life at high temperatures. More About Custom Battery Packs


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CR-AGZ Lithium Battery

CR-AGZ Lithium Battery

Panasonic’s CR-AGZ is a high density, Lithium Manganese Dioxide Cylindrical Cell Battery that provides high safety and offers two important features: superior long term reliability and high capacity. More About CR-AGZ Lithium Battery


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pin type lithium ion batteries

Pin Type Lithium Ion Batteries

Panasonic’s Pin Type Lithium Ion Batteries features a small, slim design that provides multiple application opportunities. The exterior metal case prevents swelling and delivers excellent reliability. The Pin Type Lithium Ion Batteries can be used repeatedly, also featuring rapid charging functionality. More About Pin Type Lithium Ion Batteries


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