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IIoT-Ready HMI Touchscreen Displays

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The WH Series of web-enabled panels provide users with advanced control and remote monitoring capabilities from any browser and device (smartphone, tablet, or computer), making them a perfect choice for demanding IIoT applications.

Enable visualization at a greatly reduced introduction cost

  • No need for server configuration and software specialization.
  • A scalable system that can be easily linked to the existing systems.
  • Free programming software "xAscender Studio" enables easy and intuitive creation of HMI screens and web pages.

Monitor equipment remotely using an office PC, smartphone, or tablet web browser

  • Operators can check equipment information via PC and smartphone without needing to be on-site.
  • Abnormal operations, including short-time breakdown, can be detected remotely via notifications.
  • Display real-time information on multiple web browsers. Large monitors can serve as line-process status indicator boards.

Programming-free connection to PLCs of different companies

  • Support for multiple vendor-specific PLC protocols allows users to easily integrate a WH Series display into an existing system.
  • The WH Series displays can also serve as a communication gateway, interconnecting devices from different platforms and facilitating data exchange.

Simultaneous connection to different communication protocols

  • The WHA1 (advanced model) can connect and operate up to 8 different communication protocols simultaneously and the WHS1 (standard model) connects up to 4 different protocols simultaneously.

Todays HMI Panels are Accessible Anywhere

The production site can be checked from anywhere with a browser

You can check the machine status via PC and smartphone without going to the production site. Details of the problems that occur can be checked with a notification e-mail sent automatically.

Data can be automatically transcribed

Equipment and production records and daily reports that used to be handwritten can now be automatically converted to data. Total work hours can be reduced, and omissions and mistakes can be prevented


Production information can be automatically stored in higher-level systems

The data collected by the WH series is automatically stored in higher-level systems such as databases and on the cloud.

Connection with Various Higher-Level Systems

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Supports IoT conversion / data utilization of equipment

Visualization of the operational status of existing equipment

Information on equipment operations can be collected from PLCs of existing equipment without programming. The web server functions can be used to check the operational status of equipment and identify bottlenecks from the office.

Connect to database / cloud services

Equipment information can be connected to databases, cloud services and other higher-level systems without using PC and programming*. The display can be used as a gateway to lower the cost of introducing IoT.

*Programming with JavaScript may be required in some cases. JavaScript is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates in the United States and other countries.

Notification by e-mail when an equipment abnormality occurs

An error signal from the equipment triggers the WH series to automatically send an e-mail to the concerned personnel notifying the error. Operators can access the display screen of equipment from the office and smartphone using the web server function. The error details can be checked before going to the production site.

Reduce the burden of managing IP addresses

The higher-level networks can be separated from the lower-level networks in the advanced models using the Ethernet multiple port function. Local IP addresses can be assigned to the lower-level equipment, reducing the company’s burden of IP address management.

*Only advanced models. Up to three IP addresses, one for each port can be set. (Note that the AWHA1C050 is limited to two ports)


WH Series HMI Panels

WH Series Built-In Web Server Programmable Displays


  • Large, High-Resolution Screens With A Wide Color Range 
  • Connect To Various Networks And Protocols 
  • Remote Visualization And User Access 
  • Standard Model WHS – The Economical Screen 
  • Advanced Model WHA - The High-End Screen