Industrial Automation Products

Panasonic offers a diverse portfolio of products and over 40 years of design expertise to provide integrated solutions that fit into various automation markets such as Automotive, Semiconductor, Packaging, and BioMedical.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Boasting a strong reputation for quality, an established organization of highly experienced professionals, and technically advanced products, Panasonic strives to be your trusted partner.

Featured Products

VR Fiber, One-Touch Connection System Vacuum-Resistant Fibers

Panasonic has designed a quick and easy one-touch connection system for vacuum chamber object positioning and detection. The vacuum resistant flange...

HG-S Series, Contact Type Digital Displacement Sensor

Panasonic's HG-S Series air-driven type sensor head allows the reduction of costly and complex specialized measurement mechanisms while reducing...

HG-T Series, Thru-Beam Type Digital Displacement Sensor

Panasonic's HG-T Series Sensors are robust, highly accurate and offer the ability to monitor, configure and adjust via our user-friendly software...